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Insulation application and accessories

Time:2018/10/29Posted:Hebei XiangYi Metal Manufacturing Limited


The products available to apply insulation are installed in three different methods.

  1. One method is to use a Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding system. The products available for this method are Cup Head Pins, Insulation Pins, and Power Base Insulation Pins. The setup and procedure is explained in the "Insulation CD Stud Welding Setup" area of this Web Page.
  2. Another method is with a Drawn Arc Stud Welding system, which applies the Insulation Pin shown below. Arc systems are explained in the "ARC Stud Welding" area of this Web Page.
  3. A third method of installation is adhesives, either pre-applied to the base plate of the pin or applied at the time of installation.

The Cup Head Pin is great for quick and easy application, using only one step to complete the process. The Insulation Pin is just as easy but takes an extra step to apply the washer after the insulation has been put in place (and another step if the pin is to be bent after the washer is applied). The Power Base Insulation Pin has the same steps as the Insulation Pin, it's only difference is that the special base is used to clear impurities in the weld zone such as primer, paint, rust, etc. It also eliminates grinding which saves valuable labor costs.

The washers shown below are used in conjunction with any of the stud welding insulation pins, except the Cup Head Pin, it already has it's own washer. The washers have a self locking mechanism to the pins and the size of the pin must be specified when ordering. The Self Adhering Hangers come complete with a special pressure sensitive adhesive pre-applied to the base plate of the hanger which is protected with release paper, and self locking washers in equal quantities. The General Purpose Adhesive Hangers use an adhesive of your choice and have a base plate that has holes to help in the bonding process. The Lacing Anchors are used to lace blankets together as shown in the picture on Weep Holes. The Identification tags are for Equipment type, Location areas, Dates, Company Information, Serial Numbers, Inspection data, etc.

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