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Quilting Weld Pins
  • Quilting Weld Pins
  • Quilting Weld Pins
  • Quilting Weld Pins
  • Quilting Weld Pins
Quilting Weld Pins


Low Carbon Steel and  Stainless Steel
Low Carbon plated
12 or 14 GA
1-1/2' and 4-1/2" long
1.187" diameter washer is standard.
packaging deyails: 

pack in carton or bucket per customer requirement
20GP container can pack 3000000pcs
40HQ container can pack 6000000pcs

【Series】:Cupped Head Pins


Cup head insulation pins -
Quilting Weld Pins

what is quilting weld pins?

quilting weld pins is made up metal mails and cupped head washer. Quilting pins are primarily used for thermal insulation products and removable-reusable thermal insulation blankets. This product is usually applied with a capacitor discharge stud welder.

Specification of quilting weld pins

retaining washer dia pin diameter pin length surface treatment
30mm 2mm-3mm 0.375"-12"

white galvanized coated or copper plated for mild stee

polished for stainless steel

details images

application Assembly ingredients

Knitted wire mesh is used in combination with aluminum foil to fabricate high temperature blankets. Knitted wire mesh is an ideal material for removable and reusable blankets, covers and jackets. Manufactured from alloys chosen for specific operating environments, knitted wire mesh is effective in temperature extremes and corrosive environments. Due to its construction, knitted wire mesh is flexible and durable, offering similar thermal properties as more expensive alternatives. 

Construction n Supplied as a flat tubular cloth, rolled up to provide a continuous flat tube n Wire sizes: .008” and .011” n Roll sizes of 6” to 42” wide (30” and 42” width in-stock), either flat or crimped (corrugated) n Knitted wire mesh can be supplied in all metals. Most commonly used: - 304 Stainless Steel – For most applications up to 1200° F - 430 Stainless Steel – More economical in applications up to 1000° F - Inconel 600 – In applications up to 2300° F

n Washers are available as self-locking, round, rectangular and square. Available in mild steel and stainless steel. n 2-Hole Washers are used in the construction of removable/reusable insulation covers. n Available in a variety of sizes and gauges (10 ga., 12 ga., and 14 ga.)

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