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Gold Seal Duct Pins
  • Gold Seal Duct Pins
  • Gold Seal Duct Pins
  • Gold Seal Duct Pins
  • Gold Seal Duct Pins
Gold Seal Duct Pins

Type: paper washer seal pins

material:Mild steel ,stainless steel 

Washer: 25.4mm, 30mm,

Pin :2.7mm,3.0mm

Specially pointed nail to assure uniform welding

For use with the MF, PBF, FG, RH and FGMH pinspotters from Duro Dyne

Available in 1/2", 1/2", 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/2",2", & 2-1/8"

【Series】:Cupped Head Pins

Paper Washer Gold Seal Duct Pins

Gold Seal Pins hold the duct liner in place and seal the hole created during insertion. Heat activated gold adhesive on

the underside of the washer secures the pin to the liner facing during the welding process.

Specification of gold seal duct pins

cupped washer diameter pin thickness pin length
30mm(1.18") 2.7mm, 3.0mm 12.7mm-95mm insulation tube

technical of paper washer gold seal duct pins

Temperature Range
Weld duct Pins function properly over normally accepted operating range of temperatures of 32 oF to 250 oF and are not adversely affected at temperatures of 0 oF to 550 oF.
standard SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association)standards, published in their 2005 HVAC Duct construction standards,for low and high velocity ductwork

Advantage of paper washer seal pins

pointed point Forged diamond point design creates an extremely sharp point that cleanly pierces the toughest duct liner for the best contact and weld current.
best finished Zinc and chromate dipped, copper plated. the coated thickness meet to 1~3 microns
cupped round head The beveled edge retaining round cup is sufficient in size and design to depress the surface of the insulation without tearing or cutting. The cap does not protrude into the air stream, preventing noise or interference with air movement in the duct.

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