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Duct Liner Weld Pins
  • Duct Liner Weld Pins
  • Duct Liner Weld Pins
  • Duct Liner Weld Pins
  • Duct Liner Weld Pins
Duct Liner Weld Pins

Name:duct liner weld pins

Washer: 25.4mm,30mm

Pin: 2.7mm, 3mm , 3.4mm , to be your request

Length: 19mm - 63mm

Quality execution standard: US standard

Package: 1000pcs per carton, 48 cartons per wooden pallet

【Series】:CD Weld Pins

Rock Wool fasterer Cup Head Weld Insulation Duct Liner Weld Pins

Specification details of duct liner weld pins

Duct Liner Weld Pins

Common specification base size: 25.4mm,30mm round type
pin diameter :3.4mm, 3.0mm, 2.7mm
Pin length - 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 45mm, 55mm, 63mm
material base stainless steel, galvanized steel

pin stainless steel, mild steel, high strength galvanized steel
surface treatment copper plating or galvanized coated, blue zinc coating, white zinc coating, yellow zinc

Advantage of Duct Liner Weld Pins

  • excellent welding performance
  • suit for all auto-feed weld machine or portable weld machine
  • cup head & flat head for option,Reduces jams and machinery down time while preserving the insulation
  • round cupped head increases the welding surface, resulting in a reduction in misfires and superior strength.

Application of Duct Liner Weld Pins

Duct liner weld pins is a insulation fastener to weld the duct liner to the sheet metal of air duct, they are welded by auto-feed machine

Application welders

PowerPinner 7100 Light Duty, Hand Welder
PowerPinner 7005 Rapid Fire Fixed Head Welder
PowerPinner 7105 Rapid Fire Moving Head Welder
PowerPinner 50 Multi-head Welder
SAM Replacement Controller for Coil Line Pinners

Image details of duct liner weld pins

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