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230mm length self adhesive hangers
  • 230mm length self adhesive hangers
  • 230mm length self adhesive hangers
  • 230mm length self adhesive hangers
230mm length self adhesive hangers

Product name: self adhesive hangers

Pin Material: anneaded steel wire and aluminum wire

pin length: 230 mm

pin diameter:2.7 mm / 3.0mm

base size: 50mm x50mm

base thickness: 1mm

tape: double adhesive 

【Series】:Self Stick Pins

Insulation Building Materials 230mm Self adhesive Pins

Self adhesive hangers Material:

Galvanized Steel (Standard)
Available in Stainless Steel & Aluminum as special order
The base thickeness could be customized.
The length of the Self Adhesive Insulation Pins also could be customized .

Self adhesive hangers is fabricated by a 2" X 2" metal base with a tape on the back riveted with a pin, we also call it as self-adhesive pin or peel&press pin, it works with a self locking washer to fasten the insulation, different from the perforated base pins, they are used for sticking onto new or clean sheet metal of insulation construction.


Material Pin diameter  Base size  Pin length in common Tape colors Washer
Mild steel 12 Ga  2''x2''base  230mm Red, white ,grey Available

Image detail of self adhesive hangers

How to install the Self adhesive hangers

1, clean the surface
2, Peel off backing
3, stick pin in place
4 ,pressure the pin
5, wait 15-20 minutes
6, Install insulation and secure with self locking washer

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