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Pushdown Acoustic Impaler Clips
  • Pushdown Acoustic Impaler Clips
  • Pushdown Acoustic Impaler Clips
  • Pushdown Acoustic Impaler Clips
  • Pushdown Acoustic Impaler Clips
Pushdown Acoustic Impaler Clips

material: galvanized steel


thickness: 1mm

stab height: 15mm

packaging details: 24 pieces per carton

【Series】:Impaling Clips

Pushdown Acoustic Impaling Clips for Fiberglass Panels

PushDown Impaler clips are used to easily attach Acoustic Panels to walls.  The PushDown Impaler Clips are strong enough to hold panels made of both fiberglass or mineralwool and do not require any adhesive glue to hold the panels on the wall.  

Each clip has 2 angled prongs (1" long) that stick into the fiberglass panel backing and hold the panel in place.  The dimensions of the clips are 3" x 1-1/2".  The PushDown impaler clips are installed on the wall by 1 to 2 drywall screws (not included). 

4 impaler clips are recommended per standard 2' x 4' panel making sure one impaling clip is placed in each corner.  For panel applications requiring an air gap, use our 2" Stand-Off Impaler Brackets.

PushDown Impaler Clips come in packs of 24 pieces.

1.   Determine the location of your panel and have one person hold it up in place while the other person makes a light mark on the wall to show all 4 corners.

2.   Attach 4 PushDown Impaler Clips approx 3" off each corner edge and an optional 2 more PushDown impaler clips 3" in  from the edge of the center of the panel.  The PushDown Impaler Clips should be screwed into the studs, so moving the clips a little to hit a stud is recommended.  If screwing into a stud is not possible, use a drywall anchor type screw to ensure a proper hold.

3.  While using a level on the top of the panel, line up the acoustic panel and when ready, press the acoustic panel downward onto the Impaler Clips until you the panel touches the wall.

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