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Copper Disc Rivets
  • Copper Disc Rivets
  • Copper Disc Rivets
  • Copper Disc Rivets
  • Copper Disc Rivets
  • Copper Disc Rivets
Copper Disc Rivets

The copper disc rivets is manufactured from the finest quality copper
Material : Copper 
Disc diameter:19mm
Disc thickness :0.50mm
Nial dia:1.5mm
Nail Length :20mm
Application : to fix fibre cement slates, slate roofing

【Series】:Perforated base Insulation Pins

Copper Disc Rivets for Slate Roof Fixing

Copper Disc Rivets are used with fibre cement slates to prevent wind uplift.Due to how long and lightweight fibre cement slates are these are essential for fixing at the bottom of the slate to stop any movement occurring.Made from 100% copper these are high quality.

Copper Cramptons

  • Solid copper material
  • 20mm long x 19mm diameter
  • Head thickness 0.38mm

Features of copper disc rivets

Copper disc rivets are manufactured primarily for use in construction (particularly when installing structural elements that are also copper such as roofs. The reason copper nails are used is because of their anti-corrosion property which prevents them from eroding over time.

Image details of copper disc rivets

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