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Metal Insulation Fixing Pins
  • Metal Insulation Fixing Pins
  • Metal Insulation Fixing Pins
  • Metal Insulation Fixing Pins
  • Metal Insulation Fixing Pins
  • Metal Insulation Fixing Pins
Metal Insulation Fixing Pins

Type: metal insulation fixng pins

perforated round base washer + metal tube

length of metal fixing pins: 90mm

hole size: 8mm

material thickness: 0.7mm galvanized steel

Once installed the head of the fixing should be taped and sealed 
to avoid any contact with wet plaster. Failure to do so may result 
in surface damage

【Series】:metal wall plug

Metal Insulation Fixing Pins for Fixing Rock Wool

Metal insulation fixing pins is also named wall plug, support anchor and rock wool support. material is galvanized steel. Fire-proof level A grade.

                                            Galvanized steel insulation fixing pins specification
Pin Size Pin Dia Pin Length washer Size Packaging fixing Pin Weight/pc
M8x50 8mm 50mm 30mm / 35mm 250pcs / carton 10.2g
M8x60 8mm 60mm 30mm / 35mm 250pcs / carton 11.2g
M8x90 8mm 90mm 30mm / 35mm 250pcs / carton 14.8g
M8x110 8mm 110mm 30mm / 35mm 250pcs / carton 17.3g
M8x140 8mm 140mm 30mm / 35mm 250pcs / carton 20.8g
M8x170 8mm 170mm 30mm / 35mm 250pcs / carton 24.4g
M8x230 8mm 230mm 30mm / 35mm 250pcs / carton 34.4g

metal insulation fixing pins advantages

·Suitable for all kinds of wall
·High pull-off strength for a higher security of the system
·Low thermal conduction addition value to avoid thermal bridge
·Galvanized layer on the steel nail to protect the nail from alkali

insulation wall plugs Quick Guide how to choose suitable length of fixing pins
  • Quick and easy to use

  • Fewer fixings - reduced labour

  • Reduced cold bridging

  • Dependable performance

  • Highly versatile in a wide range of construction materials

  • Fix with hammer or SDS drill adapter

  • Fixes into concrete and masonry with tiny pilot hole

  • Fixes directly into lightweight block without pre-drilling

70mm insulation fasteners for 20-40mm insulation panels
90mm insulation fasteners for 40-60mm insulation boards
110mm insulation anchors for 60-80mm insulation slabs
130mm insulation anchors for 80-100mm insulation slabs
150mm insulation fixings for 100-120mm insulation slabs
180mm insulation fixings for 120-150mm insulation boards

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