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Round Type Self Locking Washer
  • Round Type Self Locking Washer
  • Round Type Self Locking Washer
  • Round Type Self Locking Washer
Round Type Self Locking Washer

Product name: round type self locking washer

Material: mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel

Thickness:0.4 mm in sandard

Round diameter:15mm-60mm, others can be customized

Application : Fixing Insulation fasteners

Features: fast fixing, hardness, locked firmly

Finshed: zinc coated, polished

【Series】:Self Locking Washer

Round Type Metal Self Locking Washer Used for Insulation Pins

Specification and drawing details of round type self locking washer

Part No. A-Diameter B-Thickness C-Center hole D-inter round dia E-height
XY-15 15MM 0.4MM 2.5MM 8MM 1.5MM
20MM 0.4MM 2.5MM 10MM 2MM
XY-25 25MM 0.4MM 2.5MM 10MM 2MM
XY-30 30MM 0.4MM 2.5MM ,2.8MM 15MM 2.5MM
XY-32 32MM
0.4MM 2.5MM, 2.8MM 15MM 2.5MM
XY-38 38MM 0.4MM 2.5MM, 2.8MM 20MM 2.5MM
XY-50 50MM 0.4MM 2.8MM, 3.2MM, 3.8MM 20MM 2.5MM
XY-60 60MM 0.5MM 3.2MM, 3.8MM 20MM 2.5MM

Specify diameter of pin where washer will be installed when ordering.Special holes sizes are available upon request

Advantages of Self Locking Washer

  • Round self locking washers are available as a matter of design or application preference. 
  • Most styles of washers are manufacturered with a beveled edge to prevent the washer from cutting into the insulation facing.
  • self locking washer is used for insulation pins, insulation hanger, perforated base nails, self stick pins and weld pins.
  • the hardness of the self locking washer is very importan for usage.45 carton steel is very best maerial for self locking clips.

Image details of the round type self locking washer

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